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Soft - But Not Collapsed
Feel Like Water & Hit Like a Tsunami
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
"The Softest thing in the universe conquers the Hardest thing in the universe" –The Tao Te Ching
One of the most common problems for students of Tai Chi is that they are told to be soft, and as a result they go all flimsy. (Technically this is called a "collapse," which is an error.)
Tai Chi softness is very powerful, like being hit by a Tidal Wave.

More Often Than Not, Beginners Are Too Tense
It's common to want to use force against force, but it's a bad plan...
It only works on someone who is smaller and weaker than you.
Almost all of my students had this problem when they first walked in the door.
But with a little instruction (and some demonstrations), they learn to use their body-weight and smart movement instead of brute strength.
But Quite Often, Tai Chi People Get The Wrong Idea About Softness
It happens easier than you think.
And I'm willing to bet if you've been in the arts very long, you've seen this yourself.
When people hear "you have to be softer," they don't fully understand what that means.
They take it too far in the wrong direction and go limp.
Instead of using softness for power, they forfeit their structure and cave to incoming force.
And while Yielding is an important skill...
Tai Chi Softness is VERY Powerful
If you use excess tension while moving, you will cut off the power.
But if you go limp, you'll fold and lose your control.
In order to understand Softness –you need the right training.
You need drills you can work that will tell you what you're doing wrong, and how to fix it.
Many students go their whole lives without fixing this
It is an easy problem to have, but it's also easy to fix (with the right instruction).
I was lucky enough to be blessed with teachers early on who knew the right ways.
I've spent over 30 years teaching these skills
And anyone who's been with me for more than a month knows how much importance I place on (proper) softness.
Its as vital to movement in Tai Chi as it is to striking.
Just as you use your full body weight to hit like a ton of bricks-
You need softness to escape from holds, and move without impediment.
This is one of the most fundamentally important skills to Combat Tai Chi. It's the difference between being able to use Tai Chi for self-defense, and getting pounded into the pavement.
The Power of Relaxation
The lines between Combat and Health blur with one of Tai Chi's most powerful secrets: that Relaxation Makes You Stronger, and the path to health and power are not different.
  • SHOCKING Whole Body Power: Lifting, Pushing, and Manipulating objects or people becomes far easier when you aren't straining to do it – when you're using your whole body.
  • Take Hits Without Getting Damaged: How to train softness to the point that others will swear it's like punching a curtain.
  • Hit Like A Freight Train: Instantly turn softness into bone shattering force – or launch your opponents across the room!
Add this incredible training to your arsenal today!
Sigung Richard Clear
The Power of Relaxation
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