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Use Breath to Overpower Anyone
And not exhaust yourself doing it
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
You can’t always be the biggest guy in the room- and when it comes to attackers, they’ll usually be bigger than you.
Be it muggers, kidnappers, or worse- they’re always looking for smaller prey they think they can easily overpower.
And if it were a battle of sheer weight class- 
you’d find yourself constantly at a disadvantage.
But It's Not That Simple-
Believe it or not- most people aren’t utilizing their whole body to do much of anything.
While being 140lbs might seem like a disadvantage when your attacker(s) weigh 200+, ask anyone you know how they’d react to a full 140lbs thrown at them.
So the solution would be simple if you could really utilize your whole body all at once, while keeping your attacker from doing the same.
Luckily- this isn’t hypothetical- this is Combat Breathing
This is Esssential- but Rarely Taught
Most schools of martial arts stress that you should use your full body-
It’s an adage that’s been passed down from generation to generation.
The problem is that even for teachers that know how to use their whole body- they don’t know how to teach it to anyone else.
It’s all left up to “practice until you get it,”
Which is great if you want to spend the next 10 years trying to figure it out.
The Double Weighted Error is famously hard to explain.
Even among teachers I've met that know how to fix it...
...I've never met one that didn't have trouble getting their students to understand it.
A lot of them get really quiet when the subject comes up.
A lot of them just hit their students when they go double weighted.
I'll vouch for that working, but I wanted a better way.
But if you want it sooner, rather than later-
You need detailed instruction, and drills designed to make you do it right.
A teacher of mine told me “perfect practice brings perfect results.”
And I’m going to show you exactly how to do use your breath to harness Full Body Power.
Not in 10 years, or by studying some vague koan.
How to get results RIGHT NOW- and keep improving!
This training will change everything
When you learn the secrets to Combat Breathing- you learn how to use your entire body to drive your movements without effort, and without getting winded.
You’ll also learn the secrets of continuous breathing- and how to take advantage of opponents who lack this skill.
Not only will this give power to your strikes and movement- but you’ll learn how to use breath to neutralize incoming force, protect yourself, and even break your attacker’s hand when they try to strike you!
Combat Tai Chi: Combat Breathing
  • Whole Body Power: How to use breath to integrate your whole body into every motion- big or small.
  •  Never Be Winded Again: The major thing making most people run out of breath isn't overexertion- it's bad technique! I'll show you how to breath so that you'll never get winded while fighting or running away!
  •  Examples and Demonstration:  How to test yourself, and KNOW you're getting the most out of your training.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
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Sigung Richard Clear
Combat Tai Chi: Combat Breathing
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