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The First 4 Gates of Tai Chi
And how to use them
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
Peng, Lu, Ji, and Ahn...
If you are seriously interested in Tai Chi, you need to know these four skills.
Not just the physical movements, but the Internal Energies...
But first you will need to understand Sung (Tai Chi's special Relaxation and Release method) from head to toe.
I Can Get You There!
My program is designed to impart the Skills to you
It all starts with Sung (Tai Chi's Relaxation Method), which is central to Effortless Internal Power.
Once you have the skill of relaxing while remaining structured and powerful, you'll learn how to direct that power using the four “gateway” energies of Tai Chi: Peng, Lu, Ji, and Ahn.

Peng Jin (Ward Off)

By learning Peng Jin, you will learn the secrets to fixing hollow Tai Chi once and for all!
With Peng, you can ward off attacks on touch- and what feels light and easy to you will feel like overwhelming force to your opponent.

Lu Jin (Roll Back)

Then we’ll start getting into Lu Jin, teaching you to take force inward, turn its path, and send it back where it came from (or elsewhere) with only a light touch.
Those who try to manhandle you will find that the more they try to push into you, the worse it kicks them off!

Ji Jin (Fortify)

Ji Jin (fortify) will further end the hollow problem, and even cause it in others.

You’ll learn to compress your whole body weight into any direction, causing others to feel like your whole body is crushing down on top of it. 

Your arms will feel like tree limbs to anyone trying to move them- yet to you they’re light as a feather.

An Jin (Press Down)

You’ll learn how to use your root to squash your opponent like a bug.

With your whole body weight coming down on top of them, their knees will buckle and they’ll pitch to the floor with little, if any resistance.

Or change the angle- and you can blast them into the air, off their feet before they know what’s going on.

Internal Power is the Answer...
But what does that mean? Where do you start?
You keep hearing about Internal Power, and maybe you've seen it used by others, but a few years into your training and you really haven’t learned anything about Tai Chi but the choreography.
Maybe your teacher has the juice, but for whatever reason you're not getting it.
So you just keep chugging along, hoping the right combination of moves or some sudden insight will open the flood gates and everything will make sense.
Don’t fool yourself.
That isn’t how it works. 
Internal Power is real, but you don’t get it from the Form.
The Old Masters left us a road map to Internal Power, and it starts with Sung and the 4 Primary Energies.
Combined with Tai Chi's unique method of deep relaxation, functional Internal Power is within the grasp of EVERY Tai Chi Player.
My program is designed to get 
ANYONE over this hurdle
and put them them in the world of real internal power skills that they can actually do.
Among the most important skills in Tai Chi is Sung (or Soong), and without it, none of the rest will make sense.
We’re going to show you exactly how to use Sung and be able to Drop Your Root Beneath The Floor, lowering your leverage point and giving you immediate results!
But it doesn’t end there-
The four “gateway” energies: Peng, Lu, Ji, and Ahn will all be taught in detail.
These Are "High Level Skills," But They Will NOT Take DECADES To Learn.
ANYONE can do this
But Masters have been HIDING IT  from all but their closest students.
These Are NOT "High Level Skills" It Will Take You DECADES To Learn.
ANYONE can do this
But Masters have been HIDING IT  from all but their closest students.
This is where Tai Chi really begins. The forms are just an instrument to work the skills. 
By working these skills directly, you’ll get the Internal Power in WEEKS that others may spend DECADES searching for.
This is where the road to Internal Power starts, and once on that road, you’ll be further along than most will ever get.
So What Are you Waiting For?
Fill your Tai Chi with Internal Power using Sung, Peng, Lu, Ji, and Ahn.
Start Your Training TODAY!
Sigung Richard Clear
Sung, Peng, Lu, Ji, An
The Gateway To Internal Power Most Masters Don't Want You to Know!
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