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The Secret to LAUNCHING Others With Only A Light Touch
From: Sigung Richard Clear
If you have to grit your teeth while moving an opponent- you are not using skill. At least, not internal skill.
Admit it- 
Much of what you do could be attributed to brute force.
And while some people are gifted with great strength that stays with them through old age...
Even they will cede to younger, stronger attackers if they do not use skill to overcome strength.
This was the plight of the old Masters, who needed to defend themselves from those in their prime.
This was the start of Tai Chi Chuan.
The strong defeating the weak  
and slow hands ceding to swift hands
are all the results of natural abilities
and not of well-trained techniques.
From the sentence "A force of four ounces deflects a thousand pounds"
we know that the technique is not accomplished with strength.
The spectacle of an old person defeating a group of young people,
how can it be due to swiftness?

-Attributed to Wang Tsung-yueh 
(18th Century)
But in Being Soft- You Can't Be Collapsed
While the most common mistake is to use too much force- using too little and collapsing to pressure would be a huge mistake as well.
You must have stability and structure to use and understand Internal Power.
And you must be able to move when met with pressure- and advance when your opponent recedes.
You must not meet force with force.
That does not mean you cannot use force- but rather than your force should be effortless.
And for that- you have to learn to borrow force when it is given, and offset force when it is aimed at you.
You have to understand use of Hua Jin.
You're Going To Need Instruction
For this, you're going to need a teacher who understands these skills, and can display them on command.
Anyone can play Tai Chi Master on camera with a willing participant- but you need an instructor who can move unwilling opponents-
And do it with ease.
And even worse- you're going to have to find one who's willing to teach you.
For the vast majority of people- that means travelling from home, and searching for some time.
It means wading through politics from those who have it- and dodging charlatans who couldn't show you if they wanted to.
It's a lot of work- but I and many others have done it.
And if you're willing to commit to that, you can, too.
But There Is An Easier Way.
You're going to need a partner. 
One who will keep you honest, and give you the work you need instead of telling you you've got it before you do.
And you're going to need training drills that both of you can work that will not only teach you the skills- but keep you from cheating yourself.
And I can show you everything you need to know to train the skills.
4oz Moves 1000lbs & Hua Jin
This program will teach you everything you need to know to use Tai Chi's famed light touch to move a full grown man who isn't going to let you.
  • Effortless Whole Body Power: multiple ways to use your whole body weight to generate force without visible effort.
  •  Secrets of Hua Jin: how to offset incoming force just enough to make it feel like your opponent is pressing into a brick wall.
  •  Internal Power Mechanics: No force on force- and no obscure leverage trick- this is how to do it in any position, at any time.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
Now, Normally, This Training Would Cost You Thousands of Dollars To Find.
Travel fees, time spent looking, and the cost of training really add up fast.
Add in the possibility that you're going to run into a few frauds before you find a real teacher (and a few closed doors when you do find the real deal), and you can see why many people quit the internal arts entirely.
The search is grueling, and I spent most of my youth and hundreds of thousands of dollars doing just that.
But I'm Not Going To Charge You Thousands of Dollars
There's no need for private lessons, lengthy workshops, or proving yourself. 
I offer this course for anyone who's willing to put forth the work needed to train the real Internal Kung Fu on their own, and with their partners.
So right now, you can get this course for Only $197.
I'll give you the roadmap- it's your job to train.
And if you're anything like my thousands of long distance students, you'll own the skills in no time.
And when people are searching for teachers with the skills- you're name is going to come up.
So What Are You Waiting For?
Sigung Richard Clear
4oz Moves 1000lbs
& Hua Jin
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