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The Power of Wave
An INTERNAL power of Tai Chi Chuan
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
Do you want the kind of smooth moves and flow Internal Kung Fu is known for?
Or maybe you think you've got it- but every time you're met with pressure you're locked in place with no way to resist?
The truth is, most people that claim to have wave power have little more than anyone else.
It isn't exactly the easiest thing to learn.
And it's very easy to think you have it until you get a reality check.
The Problem of Hollow Tai Chi
Tai Chi is supposed to be soft.
One of the most common problems you and others have faced is that by trying to be soft, you end up going too far and become empty.
But despite what some might think, Tai Chi Chuan is not about emptiness-
It is about having such control of your body, mind, and root that you are fully engaged- and yet so soft that your opponent will mistake it for emptiness.
The Essential Keys of Internal Power don't go away when you're moving.
Your Root does not go away either.
An art of defence must be accompanied by a firm foundation or else, it would be useless when called upon to subdue an enemy. 

Such a groundless art could only be classified among the common lot of "embroidered legs and flowery fists."

                                                         - Lee Ying Arng
If Your Wave Doesn't Have Weight- It's Weak
When a tidal wave the size of hotel crashes into the beach, it's all the water that does the damage.
And yet when most do flowery movements, and call it Tai Chi- they have nothing behind it.
There is work that must be done if you want real Wave Power
And I'm going to show you everything you need to know to get it to work.
But if you HAVE put in the work-
The Wave of Internal Power will take your skills to the next level.
In this program, you'll learn how to take the skills you've learned in previous lessons, and use wave motion to move your root quickly without losing integrity.
The amount of power that comes from wave is difficult to describe- whether its striking, pushing, neutralizing, or visual trickery, wave is a tool that should never be left behind!
The Wave of Internal Power
Internal Power Vol 4
  • Wave Power Secrets REVEALED: Learn the secrets of wave power for Poison Hand, Fa Jin, and expert positioning skills!
  • Internal Wave Training Progression: If anyone tells you they can do internal wave, but can't externally- they're fooling themselves. But I'm going to show you how to do BOTH, and use the external to build the internal.
  • SHOCKING Whole Body Power: Lifting, Pushing, and Manipulating objects or people becomes far easier when you aren't straining to do it- you're using your whole body.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
Fixing The Double Weighted Error
This program will teach you exactly how to fix the Double Weighted Error, one of Tai Chi's most debated principles.
  • Whole Body Power: How the double weighted error segments your body- how to fix it in yourself- and how to cause it in others.
  •  Never Be Locked Down: Learn the secrets to having full range of motion, even under pressure.
  •  Examples and Demonstration:  How to test yourself, and KNOW you're getting the most out of your training.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
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Sigung Richard Clear
The Wave of Internal Power
Internal Power Vol 4
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