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How I managed to Teach Internal Power to
ALL my Tai Chi students (in Just a few months)
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
In the early 2000s, I found myself in a bind.
Here I was, a known Martial Artist and a respected Tai Chi teacher. I'd just moved to Tennessee to start my family, and I had to find new students to start my school.
The big problem was my new students didn't have the same up-front motivation that I had.
I had moved from Tampa (Florida), which had a thriving population that had a deep interest in martial arts, and they all wanted the best and the brightest as their teacher.
But when I moved to Maryville Tennessee, it was a much different scene.
NONE of my new students were ready for what I had to offer.
At least, not doing it the way I was taught it.
I went through several classes before the situation really dawned on me.
I was teaching Tai Chi skills and applications like I had for years, but NOBODY was picking it up, which meant I was wasting their time, as well as my own.
Even worse, I realized that my way of teaching was actually driving beginners out the door! 
I had already pledged years earlier to teach the real deal and never to keep secrets from my students. It had never occurred to me that teaching the real thing would turn people OFF to Tai Chi!
But the proof is in the pudding, and the results were undeniable.
Oddly enough, it was the BEST thing that could have happened!
You see, if I hadn't moved to the country, I could have spent my whole life working only with the most dedicated students that could be found in an large city...
But then I would never have realized the struggles that typical folks have with real Tai Chi.
I had to re-think my program from top to bottom. 
It still had to be real-deal Tai Chi, but I needed to make it more accessible and user friendly than ever before...
So I sat down for a good long while and worked out a program to give my students all of the building blocks they would need to be able to start practicing real Tai Chi for health and longevity, and even working towards Combat Tai Chi if they wanted.
I had an epihany:
The answer was to give everyone more Internal Power more quickly!
If I was going to honor my word and keep teaching real Tai Chi – even to beginners – I would have to get everyone on the right track even faster.
I would need to get my students past the choreography and into the real heart of Internal Power as rapidly as possible.
...And since most beginners didn't have regular training partners yet, I needed to teach my students how to get it all SOLO.
In hindsight, the answer was obvious. 
I had already solved this problem before-
When I was teaching at a health clinic- I had 6 week courses to help seniors get in shape with Tai Chi.
But 6 weeks was WAY too short to teach a traditional form.
Even with regular students, it often took 9 months to get a beginner to learn all 48 Moves.
I needed a shorter form.
Much shorter than the 48 move form I had been teaching, anyways.
I considered the Government 24 Form, but it was still too long for what I was after.
My students needed something they could learn quickly, in just a few weeks, but with enough enough range of motion to let them practice the Internal Skills of real Tai Chi.
So I took the 8 most important moves from my 48 Form, and I put them together into a POWERHOUSE of Tai Chi practice!
Little did I know- this would come up again...
I decided to give it a shot with my new students-
and that's when a miracle happened...
Armed with those 8 moves and a handful of basic Tai Chi principles, my students were able to REALLY GET Internal Power!
Finally, folks off the street could understand and appreciate what I was teaching, and best of all, they actually ENJOYED it! More of my beginners stuck around, and they started graduating to my more advanced classes.
By simplifying the choreography, I was able to teach the Internal Principles of Tai Chi  earlier in the training than I had ever thought possible.
But even though I repurposed this program as a way to keep new students interested... 
Something incredible was happening to my people...
You see, Tai Chi teachers and long-term students were flying in from around the country for my workshops. Many of them were 20 and 30 year practitioners coming to me for advanced training.
And yet, these SERIOUS Tai Chi people were blown away when they got hands-on with my junior students.
When the folks in Maryville spent 3-6 months in my new program, they were passing up some of the long-term players!
(My 1-2 year students were destroying most of the visitors. It wasn't even a contest.)
For a while, the most common question I got from my out-of-town guests was, "How did your students master all these high level Tai Chi skills so quickly?"
Of course they weren't "masters" yet, but the visitors didn't know that!
The New Program Was Working REALLY Well!
Not only were my students learning quickly in the beginning, I noticed that the foundation they built this way made it easier to teach them the more advanced material as well.
It was less of a struggle for me to keep students, and less of a struggle for them to understand and apply the Internal Power concepts.
I still taught (and still teach) the 48 move Form when the students are ready for it. Even that is easier for them to pick up now, because when they already have the right qualities in their movement, adding more moves is a breeze!
I Knew I Had to Share This Nationally
As more and more people flew in from out of town, I realized that my new method could help people everywhere, not just in Maryville.
There were 3, 4, and even 5 year students from other schools who were still just learning the Form!
They weren't getting past the choreography...
Which meant they had little or no real skill, and no Internal Power to speak of.
I know that students like you are everywhere-
At least, I believe if you've read this far you're a seeker- 
So I'm going to make you an offer.
I'm going to show you everything you need to know to really start you training and build Internal Power FAST.
The following programs are NOT some glorified advertisement to show you skills, and tell you the only way to learn them is to see me live.
These programs ARE  a COMPLETE RESOURCE AND STUDY GUIDE to get you from knowing nothing about Tai Chi, to a full fledged practitioner with skills that others have spent DECADES hunting for. 
And it's not going to take you decades to get there-
Here's what you need to know:
Big 8 & 13 Move Set
$65 Value
Want to learn Tai Chi, but don't want to be locked behind learning a 108 move set for the next 2 years?
This is one of the problems with learning the traditional way.
And while it might work for the master who wants to have 1200 students and only teach 12 of them- it probably won't work out on your end.
That's why I took 8 of the most essential moves and condensed it down to a form that takes practically no time to learn or practice.
Then you can start working on the actual skills now, and save the choreography for later.
Clear's Internal Push Hands
$100 Value
Want to learn Internal Power Skills, but can't find any good information on how (or even what) and ambiguous masters aren't passing on those abilities?
Ever tried practicing these skills and getting a little success, but, you weren't clear if it was you being correct, or just blind luck?
I have the answer for you-
This push hands method is used to remove all doubt (including making it very hard for your partner to cheat by using their brute strength).
It is the fastest method of building real internal skill I have ever seen, and one I practice on an almost daily basis.
Tai Chi Basic Skills
$295 Value
The meat of the training
               -and the skills you need before you can really use Tai Chi.
It is surprising to me just how rare these skills really are- 
Most practitioners I've met only have some of them, and very few have all of them.
And that's why I chose to make these skills available for ANYONE who wants them- and is willing to put in the work to get the real Internal Kung Fu.
Combat Applications
$195 Value
The combat applications for Tai Chi are sophisticated and deadly-
That said, they require Internal Power Skills to work- and the choreography plays second fiddle to these skills themselves.
If you watch this video about the real Internal Kung Fu, then you'll find these applications to the form to be deadly and efficient-
To those without the skills, it will seem like magic when you can do incredible things with them, while they will strain to get them to work.
I normally offer these programs for over $750
I'll knock 33% OFF my normal price
And then I'll give you access to 3 INCREDIBLE BONUSES that will  take your skills to the next level!
Apart, I normally offer these programs for over $750
I'll knock 33% OFF my normal price
And then I'll give you access to 3 INCREDIBLE BONUSES that will  take your skills to the next level!
Chi Energy: Activation, Cultivation & Flow
$65 Value - Yours for FREE
Is Chi real
And if it is real, what can I do with it?
If you've been looking for answers to these questions, you can find them in my guide to Activating Your Energy (or rather, your ability to feel what's already there), Cultivating More Of It for health and wellness- and Improving the Flow to get better at moving it.
I put several years of work into this program to ensure it's EASY TO UNDERSTAND,  and easy for ANYONE to get started right away.
Tai Chi Sticky Hands
$100 Value - Yours for FREE
Do you want speed, power and coordination training all at once?
Sticky hands practice on its own is one of the fastest routes to learning real fighting application-
-but I'm going to show you how to train Internal Power skills as well!
Tai Chi Sticky Hands picks up where Yang Freestyle-Push Hands left off- 
How to use your skills up close when you are being "crowded" or "swarmed."
I'm going to introduce you to Jian Si Jin (silk reeling or spiraling), and the Magnetic & Electric Jins - and show you how to use them for self-defense.
And you can use these Sticky Hands drills to train ANY OTHER internal power skills as well!
EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Clear's Neigong
$197 Value - Yours for FREE
If the Chi Energy program makes your mouth water- my Neigong instruction will SHAKE YOUR WORLD.
While Qigong practices often include movement of the body to facilitate the flow of energy- with Neigong I will show you how to move your energy with nothing but your mind
Neigong, meaning internal-work, is meant to flow the energy deep into the body, from the bone marrow all the way out to fill the space around you.
With these practices you'll get focus, energy and even increase your bone density and fight off Osteoporosis.
But it's so much more than just a health practice.
You'll get body integrity and fluid motion that leads to incredible speed and power- and this will stay with you even into old age.
With these bonuses- this training is valued at $1,017
If you get it RIGHT NOW, you'll only pay
$495- with FREE SHIPPING
This is THE ULTIMATE BEDROCK for training Tai Chi, and the FASTEST YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT.
There are many teachers out there who will string their students along for years- holding on to what little secrets they have so they can seem like gods among men.
I want the Tai Chi Community to THRIVE- and before it can do that, these skills need to be spread FAR AND WIDE.
I have so much more I want to teach-
And believe me- By the time you're done with this training
You'll have much more you want to learn
Fixing The Double Weighted Error
This program will teach you exactly how to fix the Double Weighted Error, one of Tai Chi's most debated principles.
  •  Whole Body Power: How the double weighted error segments your body- how to fix it in yourself- and how to cause it in others.
  •  Never Be Locked Down: Learn the secrets to having full range of motion, even under pressure.
  •  Examples and Demonstration:  How to test yourself, and KNOW you're getting the most out of your training.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
So What Are You Waiting For?
Sigung Richard Clear
Tai Chi Level 1 Complete Series
+ 3 FREE Bonus Programs
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