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Discover the Key Skills of
Internal Power
From: Sigung Richard Clear
The Essential Keys of Internal Power reveals the most essential, fundamental building blocks of Tai Chi's famous Internal Power.
It will teach you how to train and apply Sung (Relaxing / Softness), Zhong Ding (Central Equilibrium), the 3 Powers of Tai Chi, Whole-Body Breathing, and many more skills that are necessary to generate real Internal Power.
This DVD is a must have for both skilled and novice practitioners. It provides information that can be of use to anyone looking to increase their own Internal Power, and their understanding of true Tai Chi.
...But That's Just the Beginning!
The Essential Keys of Internal Power has complete instruction, full lessons, and troubleshooting to make sure you can actually use the skills. 
This is NOT a Demo tape! You will get the BEST drills and training exercises for building real internal skill FAST, without any mystery or wasted time.
These lessons will improve your Tai Chi Form, Push Hands skills, and combat applications.
    The Essential Keys of Internal Power
    •  Sung: The special Relaxation method of Tai Chi for effortless power
    •  Zhong Ding: Tap into the Internal Power of the "Central Axis"
    •  The 3 Powers: One of Tai Chi Chuan's most essential methods of generating power and dispersing incoming force.
    •  Tai Chi Breathing: A breathing method to power your body's health and movements
    •  And other little known secrets of Tai Chi.
    Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
    Create a Calm Mind and a Strong Body
    Stay Relaxed Under Pressure
    Energize Your Life
    Start Your Training TODAY!
    Sigung Richard Clear
    The Essential Keys of Internal Power
    Internal Power Vol 1
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