Clear's Tai Chi
How Internal Iron Body
Saved My career, AND MY LIFE
From: Sigung Richard Clear
It was snowing, and I was out at a popular hill with my family to go sledding.
Now, I know that at 53 years old- 
Most people my age wouldn't get on that sled themselves...
But the arts have kept me in great health.
Tai Chi kept me feeling young.
And then, on the last slope down- something in the air didn't feel right.
The bottom of the hill didn't look so smooth-
But I Couldn't Slow Down-
I stayed on the sled, and for one brief moment, everything went black.
Then I came to- airborne- right before I smacked the ground
It hurt, but I stood up to shake off some of the pain... 
and I... fell right back down?
Now I KNEW Something Was Wrong
I stood up to do it again, and fell down... 
I couldn't stay up, so I yelled for my family to call 911.
Turns out the hill at the bottom didn't end in a slope, but a sharp and sudden stop.
I hit the bottom , at full speed, feet first -
and hit it so hard it shot me right out of the sled.
I Had Broken My Spine in 4 Places
When they first heard what happened, they'd assumed I'd be paralyzed.
But that isn't what happened-
With the training I had put so much time into- my body reacted to danger the way I had trained it to- 
I had managed to spread the energy all across my body-
I cushioned the blow, and kept it from concentrating in any one place.
Less Than A Week Later- I Was Teaching A Workshop in Houston
The doctors told me that I was the healthiest man they had seen all year-
That at 53 years old, I still had bones like a teenager.
I had to wear that stupid brace for MONTHS, but I could walk. 
I could even still squat- and I made sure my legs didn't get weak.
A year later, no one can even tell I broke my back.
I can still move fast and low as I could when I was 30.
Maybe I'm not in my prime any more- but I'm over 50- and that would've put most men in a wheelchair.
Internal Iron Body Is The Reason I Can Walk
It didn't just save my life- it saved my QUALITY of life.
Despite hitting a dead stop at full speed down hill- I didn't break my legs, or even my feet.
In an impact that bad, the doctors told me they couldn't figure out how my discs never ruptured.
Iron Body protected me from an injury that would have ended anyone's career.
Building Internal Iron Body is one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself.
And if you're ever in the place at the wrong time-
It might just save you from something you never saw coming.
This program will teach you exactly how I've trained INTERNAL IRON BODY, and how you can get MASSIVE results in only 100 Days
  •  Tai Chi's Famous "Golden Bell" Iron Body: I'll give you all the steps to using INTERNAL POWER to build an Iron Body that stays with you for the rest of your life.
  •  Bone Marrow Washing: Learn the secrets to building bone density, and pliability, to give you bones like hard rubber that absorb and reflect incoming force.
  •  Examples and Demonstration:  How to test yourself, and KNOW you're getting the most out of your training.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
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Sigung Richard Clear
Internal Iron Body in 100 Days
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