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Unbending Arm
Your Personal Piece of Lead Pipe
From: Sigung Richard Clear
Have you ever wondered why something as small as a deer can get hit with a car at full speed, and then get up an run away as if nothing was wrong?
Or why your dog can feel soft as a pillow when its walking away, but like a brick wall when you're trying to move it?
Some of the heaviest animals in the world sleep while standing up...
...And some monkeys sleep hanging in trees, dangling by only one finger.
How do they all do it? And why do humans seem so weak by comparison?
These questions have plagued martial artists for thousands of years.
Students and masters of Kung Fu would spend years, decades- even their whole lives- obsessing over animals to imitate their power.
It must have seemed like magic to those who didn't have it.
What Aikido calls "The Unbending Arm" only hints at where it really goes.
What starts in the arms can go from head to toe.
"Why would you fight so stiff?" some might ask.
You don't- because that isn't the whole story.
With Internal Power, you aren't stiff in motion- you're free to move without effort.
You'll feel like a thousand pounds to others, with arms and legs like swinging crowbars.
You'll be unbending under pressure, and unstoppable in motion.
What feels light and effortless to you will feel like overwhelming force to others.
To overpower without effort is the goal of Internal Kung Fu.
But it's not magic– it takes hard work
I've studied Tai Chi Chuan for over 40 Years, and learned from over 50 Masters all across the world.
I've spent my life looking for the stuff, and even now I'm always looking for smarter, better ways.
This wasn't easy- 
...and even after I learned the skills, I had to put in a lot of work to own the material.
"Kung Fu" translates as "Hard Work" for a reason.
But I believe you can own these skills too.
If you're willing to put in the time, I can teach you, not one, but SEVEN different methods to build an Unbending Body.
Each method is powerful on its own-
...but when you start putting them together, your results will multiply.
It's power without effort- if you put in the work to own it.
And your work WILL pay off!
With these skills, you'll know by touch, or by sight if teachers really have the stuff.
It will seem like magic to those that put hands on you.
But you'll know it isn't magic-
It's Kung Fu-
and you put in the work to get the real stuff.
7 Ways to Unbending Arm
This extensive program will teach you how to train UNBENDING ARM, and how you can train this as a FULL BODY SKILL
  • Full Body Power In Motion: Integrate your whole body into everything you do
  •  Be Unmovable: Make your opponent have to fight your full strength and weight to do ANYTHING to you.
  •  Be Unstoppable:  Feel like a freight train to anyone in your way- if they stand still, they'll wish they hadn't.
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
Start Your Training NOW!
Sigung Richard Clear
6 Ways to Unbending Arm
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