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Eye, Throat, and Groin strikes
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
There's one super important thing to remember about the Fighting Art of Tai Chi Chuan:
It's a martial art for OLD PEOPLE!
They weren't trying to go twelve rounds with a younger, faster, stronger opponent.
In fact, the old Tai Chi Masters used every trick in the book. They wanted the fight to be over on First Contact.
Yes, Tai Chi is a vast and deep Art that can be studied and refined for a lifetime.
But, until about 75 years ago (1948), the Fighting part of Tai Chi came FIRST.
Many of the Internal Power principles of Tai Chi take years to develop...
But nearly every move in Tai Chi Chuan has self-defense applications that are fighting ready "right out of the box."
That should be GREAT news!
And yet, if you are like most Tai Chi players in the West, you have already put a bunch of time learning Form –
and maybe you've even found some real Internal Power training –
But for the VAST majority of Tai Chi players, there just isn't a good understanding of how to really use Tai Chi for self-defense.
Well, whether you have already studied Tai Chi for years, or if this is your first time even thinking about it (and everywhere in between)
There ARE Answers For You
...and you can find them in any Tai Chi Form you already practice!
Despite its public image as a very restrained martial art, Tai Chi traditionally has a vicious streak when it comes to real application.
Remember, it's a martial art for Old People!  (They couldn't  go twelve rounds with a younger, stronger, aggressive attacker. They had to end the fight QUICKLY, on first contact if possible.)
Hidden in every move is some kind of Eye, Throat, or Groin strike...
And in many moves, there's more than one!
Almost every move in Tai Chi has several fight ending techniques that do not require complex training or lengthy explanations!
Believe It or Not, It's Easy to Learn!
While these techniques are normally hidden and kept secret from most practitioners,
The training is SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE!
and immersing yourself in it will give you the ability to take ANY Tai Chi form you've learned...
And unlock the deadly secrets hidden within each move!
If you view this training even ONCE, 
you will NEVER look at Tai Chi Chuan the same way again!
Your eyes will be opened to how the Forms REALLY work for fighting!
I wasn't exaggerating when I said Tai Chi was a vicious martial art...
Just by watching this video, you will get the nasty, dangerous reality of how Tai Chi was used in the old days.
You may find yourself going over each of your forms, letting these new applications change the emphasis in each little part of every move you know!
In this program I pull back the curtain and show it all!
I cannot stress enough just how dangerous these techniques can be.
But I'm trusting you to be responsible.
My mission is to reveal the real training for the Internal Arts, so that anyone willing to do the work can get results. I am pretty safe in doing so, because most of the Internal Arts take a lot of hard work to get.
The techniques in the Eye, Throat, and Groin Strike program are the exceptions to that rule.
They don't take a lot of hard work. In fact, they are so dead simple that you can apply most of the techniques after just watching the video. 
Tai Chi's many Eye, Throat, and Groin strikes don't require much practice to execute, and that's exactly why these are the techniques that the Old Masters tried to keep hidden from the public
And yet, if you should ever need your Tai Chi for self-defense, these are the very techniques that are most likely to save your life.
At Clear's Tai Chi, we are committed to fueling a revolution in the way Tai Chi Chuan is taught and trained.                      We do it by sharing the "secrets" of the Art publicly.
That's why I have decided to make this program available to everyone, to expose the truth about the Crafty, Powerful, and sometimes Lethal Art of Tai Chi Chuan.
Combat Tai Chi EXPOSED:
Eye, Throat & Groin Strikes
  • Fight Ending POWER: How to take almost any move in any set you know (and yes, especially the weird ones), and see the hidden potential behind each one!
  • Combat Tai Chi REVEALED: Get Street Effective applications for Tai Chi!       Knowing how these applications work is instrumental, not just for protecting yourself, but for doing your Form right in the first place!
  • ​Simple, Easy to Follow Demonstration:                                                                           Get it just by watching the video!  It really is just that easy.   
Take your skills to the next level with this powerful training program!
Start Your Training NOW!
Combat Tai Chi: Eyes, Throat, & Groin Strikes
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