Denver 3 Hour Semi-Private Workshop
September 27, 2019
Small Group Session on 
The Internal Power of Tai Chi
Friday: 2pm – 5pm
Place: Denver, CO
Price: $195
Only: 8 Spots Left!
Topic: To be determined
For suggestions or more information contact:
We Will Be Covering:
  • Feel & capitalize on your opponent’s tension, structure, and balance errors
  • Build internal energy with alignment and root
  • Yi training to target inside the body
  • Sink the Qi by dissolving
  •  Find sung with the energy, breath, mind & body
  •  Feeling inside the body (yours and theirs)
  •  Belly breathing & whole body breathing
  •  Hide your root from the opponent
  •  Sink your root energy (minimum of 3 body lengths below the feet required for certification)
  •  Condensing to neutralize. Continuous root drop and dissolving
  •  Feel and push the bottom of your partner’s root energy (when they are at least 3 body lengths down)
  •  Be able to find and troubleshoot your partner’s errors (lack of depth, blockages, stiffness, etc.)
  •  Be able to move your root when your partner finds and pushes it
  •  Redirect energy back into your opponent
  •  Redirecting incoming force down through the root or out through the breath
  •  Application and training of Clear’s Internal Push hands, in the Tai Chi form and in everyday life (24/7 training)
  •  Use push hands against shoves, grabs, and other types of push hands, in self-defense and healing, and much much more…
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