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The 12 Essential Points of Tai Chi
Miss even ONE, and your Tai chi falls apart
From: Sigung Richard Clear
Do you want Internal Power at your fingertips?
Do you want to be able to toss someone across the floor- effortlessly?
To slip like water when they're trying to get you-
And like an 800lb gorilla if they somehow do?
This is the aim of Tai Chi- to be potent when needed- and like wind when they attack.
Where You Start is Crucial
It'd be easy just to give you a list of traits and be done with it.
If you go read the classics- you'll get lots of fancy words and concepts!
Now you can go win that argument on the internet!
But that won't really help you, will it?
What you're looking for is how to do it!
Let's Cut to The Point
Every Tai Chi practitioner I've ever met that actually had the stuff had these foundational skills- 
- they've built their castle on them!
And those who I've seen missing these skills seemed to be missing a lot more than just that.
What Do These People Have in Common?
There are 12 basic steps each of them took to get build the rock-solid foundation you need for Tai Chi.
My purpose with this session isn't to just list off these steps- 
but to walk you through each of them so you can do it all.
Each part builds off the last- and what you're building is Tai Chi.
More than that- you'd be hard pressed to find these skills anywhere else.
If you're like most of the students who come to me-
You've probably been beating your head against the wall for YEARS trying to figure it all out on your own.
And if you're like most the the students who follow these steps-
The lights will finally be on.
The 12 Essential Points of Tai Chi Chuan
This 3 Hour Lecture will take you through each of the 12 fundamental building blocks of Tai Chi Chuan - regardless of style.
  • Quick to Learn: Easy to follow descriptions and instructions you can use to check yourself in real time- and carry with you forever.
  • Straightforward: No esoteric concepts- This is all mechanical in nature
  • Powerful Results:  Make gigantic leaps in internal power development- For every piece of this training you're missing- you are robbing yourself of power.
The Results Will Speak For Themselves
Sigung Richard Clear
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